Earn Paytm Cash: Apps & Websites Which Give Free Paytm Cash (Updated)


Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps & Websites

Free Paytm Cash Giving Apps & Websites is listed below. But wait, Who do not love Paytm wallet money ? The answer is Everyone. Yes every free recharge lovers want Free Paytm cash. Because through that cash You can do mobile recharge, Bill payment, Data card / DTH recharge, Online Shopping And the Best thing is it can be transferred to Your Bank Account. So, I have listed some Apps Which gives you free recharge and also Paytm cash. So follow the simple steps and Earn Paytm cash and do what you want. Are you ready? Then here we go…


  • Kapow App :

If You want to earn Paytm cash by Playing games then Kapow app is only for You. Download this app, create a new account, Play any game in multiplayer mode (Play with random player or with your friend) and get Rs.10 as a signup bonus. Per refer you will get Rs.10 Free Paytm cash. Minimum payout amount is Rs.50. Your referred friend has to play any game in multiplayer mode for the first time, once he complete this step then You both will get Rs.10 instantly. (Play WORDINGO Game and complete 3 levels, You will get Rs.10 instantly, Win or Loss does not matter just finish your game)

Please Note : You have to complete 3 levels in WORDINGO to get Signup bonus.

Download Kapow App From Here


  • Slide :


Slide App is offering Paytm/Mobikwik cash. It is No.1 App for lock screen, Free Recharge and more rewards. Slide App ensures you earn and that too with content of your interest. You just need to share this app to your friends & other people, Per share you will get Rs.10 & they will get Rs.10 Free Paytm Cash on Signup. Once you get Rs.100 then after you can transfer it to your wallet account OR get Free Recharge. (Note : You have to verify your email account to get SignUp Bonus.)

Click Here to Download Slide App


  • NewsDog App :

Now earn money in your paytm account using this new & genuine app. NewsDog is the SMALLEST India news app that keeps you informed of a variety of latest India news, you can stay updated to the cricket livescore, local news, Bollywood news, latest cars, job info and funny stories all the time. You can also Get livescore, videos, match and all Indian cricket league news right on your phone using this app. You will also get money for reading this articles & daily check-in. Per refer you will get Rs.20 & your friend will get Rs.50 Free Paytm cash as a signup bonus. You need to Rs.250 to transfer it to your Paytm account.

Download NewsDog App by clicking here



  • CouponDunia (Genuine) :

CouponDunia gives you Rs.50 Free Paytm Cash on Signup & you can earn more cash by referring this app to your friends & family members. Refer & Earn amount is Rs.250, You can use this money to get Free Recharge Or transfer it to your bank account or Transfer to your Paytm wallet account. Once your Friend earn confirmed cashback of Rs.250 then you will get Rs.250 as your referral amount.

Click Here to know What is Comfirmed Cashback : CouponDunia Refer & Earn

Click here to Download CouponDunia App

Referral Code : UG83B5 / 2kGHPY


  • Cashboss :

Cashboss is very genuine app to earn Free Recharge & now a day they are also giving Free Paytm cash. You just need to share your referral code to your friends & family member & download the apps given on the app dashboard to earn credits. You can also get more credits by “Spin The Wheel” option. Refer & Earn amount is Rs.15.

Referral Code : 1CC0DC

Click Here to Download Cashboss app


  • Pocket Money :

This is also genuine app which gives free Paytm cash along with free recharge.  This app gives you money by downloading some of their attractive offers and Referring the app to your friends. Once you get 20 Rs. In your pocket money wallet than you are able to transfer it to your Paytm account. Refer and Earn amount is vary from Rs.10 to Rs.40 And that is cool. Download any app from it to get daily bonus of Rs.1

Click Here to Download Pocket app


  • Chiku App :

Chiku is a new Recharge earning app through which you can earn Free Paytm cash. Per refer you will get Rs.5 (Rs.2 when they get the 1st Successful earning by downloading app from dashboard + Rs.3 when they download 2nd App). I know the referral amount is low but it varies from Rs.5 to Rs.15. You have to earn Rs.20 in your account for Paytm transfer. Chiku is genuine app and verified by us so, try it.

Download Chiku App From Here



  • GigIndia App (Paused):

This is a new app which allows you to Earn Up to Rs.1000 Paytm cash by referring 100 friends. Per refer they will give you Rs.5. Minimum Paytm redemption amount is Rs.50, that means you need to refer at least 10 friends. To redeem your earnings, just go to your Profile and enter your Paytm registered mobile number. Your earnings will be transferred within 24 hours.

Download GigIndia App From Here


  • Bulb Smash App (New) :

Bulb Smash is a game through which You can earn Free Paytm wallet cash by Playing games & referring friends. This app is offering Rs.10 Free Paytm cash as a signup bonus & Rs.5 if you share it using your own referral link. Once You have enough credit then You can transfer it to your account OR You can use it to do Mobile Recharge. So, Download this app, create an account using Facebook account & share it with your friends to earn unlimited Free Paytm cash.

Download Bulb Smash App from Here


  • Genie Rewards :

Genie Rewards is also offering Free Paytm cash nowadays. Previously they were just offering Free Recharge when you install other apps through it & share your referral link with other people. They are offering Rs.5 Free recharge / Free Paytm cash when your friend install the app using your referral link/code & download any one app from app dashboard. This points can be redeemed for mobile Recharge, DTH recharge, online bill payment & paytm wallet transfer.

Download Genie Rewards App From Here

Referral code : 98062052


  • DataGenie :

Datagenie is an android app that rewards you with mobile data as well as Rs.3 Free Paytm cash when your referred friend download the app & create a new account + Rs.2 when he collects 10MB from Datagenie. It also saves your 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data that you consume when using apps & games. Minimum redemption amount is Rs.5 but You have to collect Rs.50 in your account.

Download DataGenie App From Here



  • Databuddy App :

Databuddy is a new and latest android app that allows you earn to free Paytm cash OR Free Recharge just by performing simple tasks like installing , downloading & registering on the top trending android Apps, Games & website. They are offering Rs.5 Free Paytm Cash once your friend install and registers on databuddy using your referral link + Rs.10 when he do his 1st Recharge using this app within 24 hours and not only this You can get a chance to win up to Rs.100 for 100 top inviters. Minimum Redemption amount is Rs.50.

Download Databuddy App From Here


  • Review De De App :

This is a new android app which gives you Rs.10 Paytm Cash / Refer. Review DeDe App is ultimate movie guide for Movie, TV Show Reviews and Short Films. You will get your referral points within 24 hours. Minimum 100 RDD required for Paytm transfer. So, Download the app and share it with other people and when they download this app using your referral link and Complete their Profile then You will get Your referral amount.This offer is valid till 30st September, 2017.

Download Review DeDe App From Here


  • Databack App :

Now earn Free Paytm cash using this genuine & trusted app called Databack. It saves your 2G, 3G and 4G mobile data that you spend when using apps, You save up to 500MB mobile data every month easily & that Saved data can be used to recharge your phone for free. You will get Rs.5 as a Signup bonus after downloading app from below given referral link. Per refer You can Earn Rs.5 Paytm cash.

Download Databack App From Here


  • Benefito App (Trusted) :

It brings you exclusive coupons for many major sites and apps, their large database brings you daily deals that are sure to bring a smile on your face and wallet. Currently this app is giving Rs.10 as a Signup bonus (Valid for First 10000 Downloads only). You can also earn more by downloading other apps & by inviting friends. Per refer You will get Rs.10 Free Paytm cash but, Your friend has to complete any offer from “Earn” option (It gives you instant App Download Credits). Minimum Paytm Transfer amount is Rs.20

Referral code : AP223

Download Benefito App From Here



  • CiaoCOIN App :

CiaoCOIN helps you to earn free Paytm cash. This is very good & genuine app which offers you Rs.10 per refer. Once Your friends download this app using your referral link & complete any two offers then you will get Rs.10 in your account. Minimum redemption amount is Rs.10. You can transfer your earnings to your Paytm account OR use it to do Recharge.

Download CiaoCOIN App From Here


  • IndiaSpeaks website :

Now earn Rs.50 in your Paytm account by Completing this small Survey. This offer is valid for all Surat users & valid till 15th May 2017. To avail this offer, You just need to visit deal page by clicking below given link, then purchase this deal for free. Now Click on “View” option & get Special link. Complete the survey & earn Rs.50 Free Paytm wallet cash.

Click here to Visit Deal Page


  • Don App :


Don is also one of my favorite app to get Free Recharge on signup & it also allows you to transfer your earning money to your Paytm Wallet account. In this app you can earn more recharge by downloading other apps, Participating in Contests & referring this app to other people. Per refer you will get Rs.10 & your friend will also get Rs.15 Free Paytm cash as signup bonus but, He has to use your referral code. You can also earn Rs.2 daily if you use this app for 5 minutes.

Referral Code : 3A57C68C (Must)

Download Don App From Here


  • Awign Website :

Now Earn Free Paytm cash online via Awign website. It is a new website which gives you Rs.50 Free Paytm cash per 10 successful genuine referrals. So, I recommend you to go and visit this website and create an account, then share referral code this your friends. To transfer your amount, Just submit your Paytm registered number.

Go to Awign Website From Here



  • Earn Mafia App :

A new and genuine app called Earn Mafia app gives you an opportunity to get Money Daily in the form of Prepaid / Postpaid Free Recharge, Free PayTM Cash & Bill Payments. You can save money through verified deals & cashback offers. There are lots of ways to earn Free Paytm cash like Read News & Stories for 5 minutes and get Re.1 Daily, Invite friends & earn referral rewards, Participate in Contests Daily, Watch Videos & Earn, Installing new apps etc. Per refer you will get Rs.10 and your friend will get Rs.15. Minimum Paytm transfer amount is Rs.10.

Apply Referral code : 94F3D8BA

Download Earn Mafia App


  • Ladooo :

Ladooo is my one of the favorite app. It was the first free recharge app in India. Through this app, you can download some of the best apps like Amazon, Droom, Data back, Eros now and much more to get rewarded with Free Paytm Cash for the same. So download this app, do sign up and get free Paytm cash by downloading apps and By Referring Friends. Refer and Earn amount is 20-43 Rs (Now Rs.5).

Click Here to Download the app



  • Cashninja App :

Use your free time to try free apps, play games, watch videos, play quiz and get rewarded. Cashninja App also allows you to earn money in your Paytm account. Get Rs.25 as a Joining amount & Rs.25 Free Paytm cash per refer. You will get Rs.10 when your referred friend installs 2 apps within 24 Hours & Rs.15 when he recharges for the first time in 48 Hours. Once he complete these two tasks then after he get Rs.25 Signup bonus. Transfer your earning to your Paytm wallet account OR Paypal account. You can also redeem your credits against Amazon Gift Voucher.

Download Cashninja App From Here


  • Qbucks App (New) :

Now Earn Free Paytm cash using Qbucks app. This app gives you 50 points (Now it is Reduced) per refer if you share it using your own referral code. Your friends also earn 50 points as a Signup. Once you have enough points then transfer it to your Paytm wallet account. Minimum redemption amount is Rs.70 = 1000 Points.

Use Referral code : qevvaH

Download Qbucks app from Here


  • Taskbucks :


Taskbucks offers you free mobile recharge amd free Data by downloading apps Referring to other and Sharing stories. And Taskbucks wallet balance can be transferred to Paytm/Mobikwik Wallet. This is my one of the favorite app. It is genuine app. Refer and Earn Amount is 18-25.

Download TaskBucks app From here


  • Paytm PediaSure Offer :

Now get Rs.20 OR Rs.50 Free Paytm cash using Paytm PediaSure Offer. You just have to buy Pediasure Pack (400gm OR 200gm) from nearest store. Then get promo code inside the pack & Paytm website. You have to enter the promo code & login/signup to your account. After doing this you will get Rs.20 OR Rs.50 Paytm cash. The offer is valid 2 times per user & valid from 1st May 2017 to 15th November 2017.

Visit Paytm website offer page



  • CashNgift (Web & App) :

This is an awesome website to earn free gift vouchers. You can earn free rewards like Paytm / Mobikwik cash. The cool part is you can earn by referring your friends and also by various ways. You will get 130 as a Signup bonus & also 1 to 4 points as Daily login bonus. Refer Friends & earn 30 points when they register along with 15% of each offer they complete for lifetime! for each and every offer your friend completes.

Click Here to Visit Cashngift website

Download The App : “CLICK HERE”



Must See : Freecharge Promo code Today


  • Dealizen App :

Now refer & Earn Paytm cash with Dealizen App. This is one of the best and easiest app for find best deals and offers & they are giving Rs.2 as a Signup & Rs.2 Free Paytm cash if you share this app using your unique referral link. Once you have Rs.10 in your account then after you can transfer it to your Paytm wallet account.

Download Dealizen App From Here


  • Pipit App : (Expired)

This app is also offers you free paytm cash. You can earn 500 Pitcoins per refer & also by Play & earn. Once you have sufficient coins then you can redeem it against Paytm cash. You just need to Download the app & Signup using your Facebook account. To redeem your earning just click on “Today’s Rewards”. So, Join this app & start earning right now.

Click Here to Download Pipit app


Qzaap App (Genuine) :

This is new, fresh & latest app which allows you Free Recharge / Free Paytm cash. An amazing quizzing app tests your knowledge on a wide range of topics ranging from sports to politics to science and technology. The quiz game is designed to ask the global questions based on the Geo location. You can submit questions and earn bonus points as well. On Signup You will get 2500 Points + Per refer they are giving 2500 Points. 10000 Poitns = 20 Rs. Paytm cash. You can refer up to 25 people per month (Must note).

Referral code : 3BEHM8  (Must to get Joining amount)

Download Qzaap From Here



  • Hello TV App :

Now earn Free Paytm cash from Hello TV. It is a platform to express and explore India’s most loved videos, You can Watch Free Live TV and Trending Videos from India and around the world. You can also Upload your videos on this app. They are offering Rs.5 as a joining amount & Rs.5 if you share it using your own referral code. Once you have Rs.50 then after you can transfer it to your paytm wallet account.

Download Hello TV from here

Referral code : sachin88 (Must use to get Signup bonus)


  • Prediction Guru App (New) :

This is a latest app which offers you Free Paytm cash. Prediction Guru is a cross-platform and lightweight app that delivers important information to help you make a better prediction of the result of a game. You can transfer your money to your Paytm OR Bhim Wallet account OR redeem it against Flipkart Voucher & Free gift. Prediction Guru App is offering 200 Points as a joining amount & 200 Points if you share this app using your referral link.

Download Prediction Guru From Here


  • Lenskart Website (Live) :


Earn Rs.500 Free Paytm Cash on referring to your friend, But Friend should place order with final value of Rs.1500 or more & for doing this your Friend will get Rs.500 Gift Voucher. As we all know that Lenskart is India’s largest online optical store. Here you can buy all kind of eyewear such as contact lenses, spectacles eyeglasses, sunglasses at best price. When your friend will purchase from Lenskart, then you will receive a Rs.500 Paytm voucher (after 15 days of the delivery of the product).

Visit the website From Here

Use referral code : SANJLK10

Select Login Option & then Signup to create a new account


  • HolidayIQ App (Trusted) :


HolidayIQ.com is India’s first & largest holiday information portal powered by our thriving Indian traveller community & experts; enabling travellers to discover, plan holidays and share holiday experiences. They are offering Rs. 300 Paytm cash for submitting a video review & not only that you can earn upto Rs.4500 wallet balance by referring this app to your friends. You will get Rs. 100 Free Paytm cash for each referral who install the app and after the approval of their video review. Referred user has to enter the promo code – PTM-<10digitmobilenumber> while submitting the Video Review to be eligible for Paytm cash.

Click Here to Download HolidayIQ app

Use refer code : holi145y


  • iReff App (Over) :


iReff app is the fastest and easiest way to find the recharge plan you need and buy it through our recharge partners. Browse through the common benefit categories – Topup, SMS, Data (GPRS / 2G and 3G), Local, STD, ISD. Or try the powerful full text search feature to find recharge plans matching your specific need. You can find details about Topup Vouchers, Special Tariff Vouchers (STV), Combo Vouchers and Full Talk Time offers. This one of the best option to earn Free Paytm cash. Just Refer 5 friends & Earn Rs.50 for Free.

Click Here to Download iReff app


  • Noddycash :

NoddyCash Provides you Mobile Recharge Up To Rs. 200 Daily. You Can Earn unlimited by Downloading, Invitation and Redeem Those To Free Recharge or transfer it to your Paytm wallet. Complete offers or invite friends and when your account balance reaches a minimum of Rs.20, recharge any prepaid mobile for free. Now Refer & earn amount is Rs.10 + They are offering Rs.5 on Signup (You have to download 2 apps to get Bonus)

Click Here to Download Noddycash app

Referral Code : 911150898405


  • Freepaisa app :

Freepaisa is a genuine app to earn free recharge. Previously they were allowed you to transfer your earning to Payumoney wallet only but now You can also transfer your Points to Paytm wallet account. Per refer You will get Rs.10 when someone downloads FreePaisa using your referral link & complete the first two offers. Not only this You will receive Re.1 each & everytime when your friend earns Rs.10 in his account. (That means if he earns Rs.100 then you will get Rs.10).

Click Here to Download FreePaisa app


  • Zapstore (Website) (Spin & win Upto Rs.100 Free Paytm cash) :


Through Zapstore website you can get free Paytm cash. It is amazing and trusted website, Simply just sing up on website and Get Rs. 5 paytm cash for free and also Get 5% instant cash back on your Recharge at Paytm. Refer and Earn is also there, just simply get your Referral link/code and share it with your friends. Once they sign up using your referral code You will automatically get Referral amount to your Paytm account.

Visit Zapstore Website by Clicking here


  • GreatBuyz (Stoped):


Great Buyz is a new Paytm wallet money giving app through which you can Earn Upto Rs.80. this is an app to simplify shopping and enable informed purchases, It helps you shop better and save better. when your friend download the app using your link & create a new account. Your friend will also get 50 points on Sign Up & you will get Rs.8 as a referral amount. Once your earn Rs.80 in your account then after your can transfer it to your Paytm wallet account.

Download App From Here : “Click Here


  • CreditMantri Website :


This website is also offering Free Paytm cash. To get that, Your friend has to register in CreditMantri with your referral code and get a free credit score and analysis. Once your friend gets a credit score and analysis, it is considered as a successful referral. Once you have 3 successful referrals, you would be eligible for Rs.100 Free Paytm cash. For every 2 successful referrals after this you would get Rs.50 more Free wallet cash. Money will be transferred to your wallet account within 7 working days after you become eligible for a payout. The referral program is valid till 31st January 2017.

Click Here to Visit CreditMantri Website

Use Referral Code : ALPE7663QT


  • Skrilo App:

Skrilo App gives their consumers, brands they love and deals they desire. watch ads from Skrilo & You can win 50/250 Rs. & if you are lucky then even Rs.100000 also you can win from this app. You must collect more chances by watching ads & offer to win Free Paytm cash.

Download the App : “CLICK HERE”.

In this app Use SKRILO as a default Promo Code and get 10 free chances on sign up.


  • BuyHatke Website (Expired) :

Get Free Rs 500 Paytm Cash by Referring 25 Friends. Share the referral link to them via WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. They just have to click on the ALLOW/OK button and verify their number with OTP. Once 25 people do this, you will automatically get your ₹500 Paytm Cash/Recharge. To see your earning just visit the website again, put your number & verify it via OTP. Per refer you will earn Rs.20. Those users who have completed 25 referrals by 12:00PM, January 13th 2017 only would receive ₹500. Post that it would be ₹300 for the same.

Visit BuyHatke Website from here (Use “Chrome” Browser only)


  • Paybox Website :

This website is offering Free Mobikwik wallet money & I have listed it over here because it is genuine & works really & we know that Mobikwik is same as Paytm. So, Sign up on PayBox today to start earning free talktime. PayBox is an innovative gratification platform helping users to earn free money that can be redeemed at Mobikwik cash for all Prepaid/Postpaid mobile recharge, DTH & Data Card recharge and Online Bill Payment needs. They are offering Rs.10 as a Signup Bonus + Rs.10 Per refer & not only this, they will give you Rs.500 extra once you refer 50 Friends. Minimum amount is Rs.20 to transfer it to your Mobikwik wallet account.

Click Here to Visit Paybox.in Website


  • Keettoo Keyboard :

Now a day Keettoo Keyboard app is also offering Paytm cash along with Mobikwik money. it gives you the unique opportunity to earn direct money by watching ads which come to you through push notifications. You can also use it as a default keyboard. To earn from this app You just need to download it. Then create a new account using your email id & mobile number. Now watch daily ads & collect credits. Redeem the cash to your one of the favorite wallet.

Download Keettoo Keyboard From Here


  • CricBash :

CricBash is also offering rewards to users. You can earn by playing daily quiz, Match prediction, Refer & Earn etc. Match quiz in every match offering high rewards in form of recharge & Free PayTm Cash redeemable on any mobile number. Minimum amount is Rs.50 required to redeem. The referral challenge starts from Tuesday at 00:00am (Midnight) & ends on Monday at 00:00am (Midnight) of everyweek. The top 5 people who refer the most are rewarded as shown :

1st – Rs.100, 2nd – Rs.75, 3rd – Rs.50, 4th – Rs.30, 5th – Rs.20.

Click here to Download CricBash app

Referral code : al3924 (If they ask)


  • JPaisa app :

Jpaisa is a new app which allows you to earn money. Install apps, Watch unlimited video offers, Play online games and earn unlimited money. Transfer earnings to other wallets : JioMoney, Freecharge , Paytm and Mobikwik. Invite your friends & Earn Rs.20. Once your friend download this app using your link then he will get Rs.10, Get Rs.5 when he completes 2 app offers & get Rs.15 when he transfers his balance to any wallet for the first time.

Click here to Download JPaisa app



  • Baymack app :

This is the luck based app which allows you to earn Free Paytm cash along with Free gift cards. You just need to Signup using your Facebook account, Then You have to watch 9 Videos & guess best to worst videos correctly. If you do that you will get 100$. Refer & Earn is also there, Per refer you will get 2 cent & Your friend will also get 2 cent once he submit his first sequence. Minimum Redemption amount is Rs.10 for amazon gift card & for Paytm it is Rs.50.

Click Here to Download the Baymack app



  • Shiksha.com :

Now write a review about your college & earn Free Paytm cash. Describe the facilities (e.g. Wi-Fi, Labs, Classrooms, Library, Medical Facilities, Sports and Games etc.) available in the campus. What is the quality of labs and classrooms? What is the quality of food available in the canteen? How are hostel rooms? Did you face any infrastructure related issues during your tenure at the college? Your review will be moderated by them within 30 days, Once your review is published, you will get a confirmation email & Rs. 100 will be credited to your Paytm account associated with your mobile number in next 30 days.

Visit shiksha.com website from here



  • Vuliv Infinity Player App :

This is also one of the Best Paytm cash giving app. This App gives you Free Rs 5 Paytm, Oxigen, udio cash daily. This is your FREE media player to organise & serve all your local, downloaded & on-line multimedia from a single platform within 1 App. To promote their app,  they gives you amazing offer from which you can get Rs 5 Paytm, Oxigen, Udio Cash daily. So Hurry up and Grab This cool offer.

Download the App : “CLICK HERE”..



  • FreeClues App (Expired) :

FreeClues which is Easiest & Best Way to earn unlimited Free Paytm Cash by referring friends. They are offering Rs.5 as a joining bonus when you enter a refer code + Rs.5 Per refer. Once You have enough points then after You can redeem your earning as Mobikwik Cash, Paytm Wallet Cash, Freecharge Cash. This is genuine app to earn free recharge.

Download Freeclue App : “CLICK HERE”

Referral Code : 0716FC3746


  • Mycash App (Not working) :

Refer & earn Paytm cash using Mycash app. This is new & genuine app which gives you Rs.10 per refer. Minimum redemption amount is Rs.10. You will get Rs.5 Free Paytm cash when your referred friend Download this app & install the first app from it & Rs.5 more when he install second app from app dashboard. Money transfer is instant.

Download Mycash app from here


  • mFunny App :

This app is also allows you to refer and earn Paytm cash. You earn points when you share any post, submit new content and when people like your content. These points can be later redeemed for Cash. Currently they are offering 300 Points on Signup & 200 Points Per share (Do not use “Share the app” option, Get your referral link from redeem option).

Download mFunny App From Here



  • LiveIncome Website (New) :
  • LiveIncome is unique and genuine platform to earn wallet cash from Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 or more per day. They are offering Rs.50 as a Joining amount & Rs.3 per refer. You can also earn more money by completing the offers from offer section, Rs.1 as a Daily login bonus etc. You can redeem your earning against Mobile Recharge as well OR You can transfer it to your Bank account.
  • Click here to Visit LiveIncome website



  • UC News App (Expired) :

UC News has come up with its new offer called “UC Buddy Bonus” where they are offering Rs.2000 on signup + Refer and earn Rs.5000 Paytm cash. The offer is valid till 31st March, 2018 and participants who collect 100% money will win the prize on a first-come-first-serve basis. The more friends you invite, the faster you can win your Rs. 5,000 Free Paytm cash.

How to Refer and Earn :

  • Firstly Download UC News app
  • After that, Open the app and click on “ME” tab from the bottom right side.
  • Login/Signup to your account If it asks
  • Then click on “UC Buddy Bonus Offer Banner”.
  • Now select “Help my friend” option.
  • UC News Referral Code : 10180560
  • You will get Rs.2000 as Joining Bonus, Now start referring friends using your referral code
  • You can redeem Rs. 5,000 only when the amount is 100% collected by you.


  • KamateRaho.com :

KamateRaho.com provides good platform to earn Paytm cash and free recharges. It supports recharges on all mobile operators like Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, BSNL, Loop, MTS, Tata Indicom, Docomo, Idea  and many more. This website is offering Rs.10 Free Paytm cash or Free Recharge as a Signup & Rs.5 if you share it using your referral link. You can also earn more money by availing offers & daily login. Once you have Rs.500 then after you can transfer it in Paytm account OR Bank account.

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