There are plenty of web shows from India to watch when stuck at home during a lockdown. We present 15 Indian web series that can keep you entertained.


Over the past years, Indian web series content changed the entertainment industry. These Hindi web series turned out the kind of quirky, bold, unusual and Intelligent content that became quite popular among millennials. The demand for web streaming apps Netflix, amazon prime, Hot Star, Alt Balaji, Ullu, Prime Flix, etc increasing continuously. So here’s a list of web series that are perfect to binge-watch:

  • Sacred Games (NETFLIX): Sacred Games breaks all the stereotypes of traditional Indian cinema. It shows what to be mean being a ‘Unsanskaari’. Both Sacred Game seasons full up with iconic dialogues and became the subject of memes. Though season 2 failed to impress the fans, still we highly recommended this:
  • It Happened in Calcutta: This romantic web series recently aired on AltBalaji. A love saga of the 60s and 70s based on the days of epidemic cholera that affected the whole world. Season shows the up and downs of the flourishing love of Ronobir and Kusum. Leap of faith and tie-in to a once in a lifetime story of love because it happened in Calcutta. 
  • Mirzapur: A desi revenge Drama full up with twists and fleshed out characters. Mirzapur got a lot of popularity, the people who saw it became a fan of it, they are eagerly waiting for the launch of season 2. As per the news, Mirzapur’s Season 2 will be launched at the end of 2020.
  • Apharan: As the name pretends the whole series plotted around Kidnapping of a young girl at her request by a suspended police officer. Later he realized that he is a part of a conspiracy, watch it to know how he escaped from the trap and solved the mystery.
  • Four More Shots Please:  The series is based on the feminism. Plotted around 4 women, the series shows the ups and downs of a woman’s life. They love, fight, create blunders and discover life in the hustle-bustle life of Dream city Mumbai. We have seen boys on a trip but Season 2 Uhh something we all have seen for years and beyond.
  • Code M: Army lawyer, Monica Mehra, gets roped in to solve, what seems like an open and shut case, of the death of an army officer and two militant suspects, killed in an encounter. While during the inspection, She finds the case is way more complex than what it appears to be. Watch it to know how she cracks the code:
  • Romil & Jugal: Removal of section 377, raise the hope among the LGBTQ people in India. When Romil & Jugal aired section 377 existed, this young and never-seen-before Gay love version is filled with masti, masala, emotion, laughter, songs, and drama that is guaranteed to leave you hooked for more.
  • Fittrat: A story of the girl names Tarini Bisht, who is a gold-digger and isn’t ashamed of it! Tarini always wanted to live a luxury life and own everything that shines. She moves from Dehardun to Delhi and living with her rich BFF, Amy. The story becomes interesting when Amy’s fiancée Veer Shergill gets obsessed with Tarini, and he decides to win her by hook or by crook.
  • Made in Heaven: The series shows the adultery, Section 377, wealth gap, and sexual abuse; along with a very realistic, entertaining and thought-provoking representation of the Indian wedding circus. Made in Heaven written around the two wedding planners and friends, Tara and Karan.
  • The Family Man: Manoj Bajpayee starrer The Family Man is a spy thriller web series. A Mumbai based agent who tucked between family and duty want to a mission. The Series is well scripted and full up with amazing characters.

  • Yeh Meri Family: If you are a 90s Kid Yeh Meri Family is a perfect binge watch for it. A loveable family drama told through the lens of 9-year-old Harshu. It reminds us of our childhood- the fight with our siblings and the love that we share. 
  • Tripling: A series based on the Sibling bond, this road trip focused on romance or self-exploration. Tripling reminds us of our family trips and idolized no one understands us as siblings do.
  • Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa:  In India where sex education seems to be a topic of taboo, Sex Chat with Pappu & Papa was just the right introduction to sex education. It shows that the topic is not as hard as it seems, we can portray it easily to our children.

  • Bekkaboo: Kiyaan Roy, a bestselling erotic novel writer explores his dark fantasies and trapped in his own. Will Kiyaan be able to reclaim his perfect life, or lose it all in this chase for the thrill in pain?

  • Hacked: Rohan Shah and Hina Khan starrer hacked is based on the life of a teenage hacker boy Rohan who trapped so many girls. He has fallen for his neighbor Hina Khan and when she refused he hacked her life with technology. It’s interesting to watch how she will escape from it:

Now pick one by one from the above list and watch without any second thought.

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